Sarah John

  • Unge 15+

Sarah makes performances and installations. She is Australian and lives in Denmark where she is co-artistic director of Art of Listening.

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Hvem er jeg?

My work is grounded in the phenomenological experience of the participant. It gives weight to all sensory elements – for example, light and darkness, texture, scent, sound, as well as the quality of presence of the performer; and it is participatory – inviting the public to find their place within the work: to watch, to explore, to play, to build, discover and rearrange. All elements are tailored to draw the participants into a poetic, playful and deeply felt reflection on reality. Methodologically, the work is concerned with the art of listening: the subtle but fundamental internal shifts we make as humans (sharpening of attention, opening of curiosity, trust and playfulness) when we want to move towards something we don’t yet know or fully understand - be it a question, a perspective, an environment, another person or a part of our own selves. As such, I am interested in how to facilitate, shape and give rise to intimate meetings – with ourselves, each other, the world – and meaningful contexts for being together. I aim to explore, understand and actively grow the transformatory potential of these exchanges. Recent projects have included: BLÅ på Struer Museum a year long huskunstner forløb and immersive installation. Garden Alchemy a VR experience and performance installation and BONFIRE Intensive: 14 international young people + 9 artists + a small town in Denmark + a long for a better world ...

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Hvad kan jeg tilbyde

I use artistic and poetic tools from an immersive/partcipatory performance language, that aim to ground participants in inspiring perspectives that encourage meaningful social/cultural/human-to-human participation. Using a mix of artistic languages – including visual poetry, sensorial tools, play instructions, social choreography, tactile objects, interactive scenographies, verbal and non-verbal encounters – participants can explore different forms of encountering and creation.


  • Mødet i Mørket, Carte Blanche
  • Time Woke Up in Darkness, Carte Blanche
  • Bonfire Project, Art of Listening