Maros Pekarik

Hvem er jeg?

I'm 24 years old, currently studying Art and Technology at Aalborg University. I have been passionately investigating technology with more of an eccentric position. I'm interested in a close collaboration with artists mainly in performative settings to give birth to ideas with the help of technology. I'm currently developing interactive mixed reality performances and installations, however, my works can take many forms, depending on the artistic setting, what I want to say and with whom am I working with.

Hvad kan jeg?

I'm having a full box of ideas when it comes to technology. Collaborating together with other artists I can fit those ideas that work conceptually and aesthetically to an existing or a completely new project. With my background in programming, I can offer solutions which can extend the world of any kind of ambitious art project. I can professionally communicate and mediate my experiences with a mindset to share and learn something new from each other.

Hvad vil jeg?

I want to support an alternative/experimental use of technology in order to create experiences that are beyond the screen, experiences that are touching the physicality of this world, and help other artists achieve that as well. In the longer term, my goal is to encourage the emerging generation of artists to be able to utilize digital technologies to create immersive new forms of art.